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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ground Hog Day

You ever see the movie Ground Hog Day? Well, this morning while I was parking to catch the train, I had what I’d refer to as “a ground hog moment”.

I pull into the parking lot every day and, yes, I am a creature of habit and park in the exact same spot every day. Well, guess what, most others are creatures of habit too.

So, this week on Monday and Tuesday, as I was parking in my spot, a Blue Toyota Highlander came whipping around the corner at me and today as I am parking I think to myself “Blue Toyota Highlander coming up!” and within seconds of that thought, there it was: The Blue Toyota Highlander!

I have several other “ground hog moments” but this one caught me off guard and the owner of the Blue Toyota Highlander must have thought I was crazy sitting in my car and cracking up by myself!

You ever have those moments?

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