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Friday, January 24, 2014

Hot Flash on the Train

This morning it is 6 degrees out. A few stops in, a woman gets on the train and sits across from me. She sits down and immediately starts removing her jacket, her suit jacket and her scarf as if… she is on fire! She strips herself down to a T-Shirt. I think to myself “She must have had to run for it.” Her face is bright red. I start thinking some more. I get that running for the train is going to make you hot but she seems a bit over the top about it. It’s 6 degrees out and the train isn’t exactly pumping itself full of heat. I actually had to continually wiggle my toes because there wasn’t heat on the floor and they were chilly.

Once she has everything off, she starts rummaging through her purse. After a little while she whips out an accordion style wooden fan and starts fanning herself with it. OK! She didn’t run for it. That is a sure sign of a hot flash!  

Stay warm today… I know this lady is!

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