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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I Lost a David Yurman!

Friday…not my day! It was crazy and hectic at the office and I was dead exhausted from an over ambitious week in New York.

Let’s rewind a few months. My husband asks me “Why don’t you ever wear any of the nice jewelry I buy you to work?” I respond with “I am on the train. You never know. A clasp lets go and I am never seeing it again. Being crammed in among strangers, you also never know who might be tempted.” Well, he says it again a little while down the road and I think “What the heck? What good is it if it just sits there waiting for me to wear it on weekends?” So, Friday I throw on my latest Yurman piece.

When I got it, the clasp was loose and I brought it back for repairs. It took them weeks to fix it but when I got it back, I was assured it was fixed and that it wouldn’t fall off. Well, guess what? It did!!!!!

I get home on Friday. Go to take off my watch and then go to my other wrist and go to take off my bracelet. My heart STOPS! It is gone!! I start to panic and my husband comes running up stairs. He tells be to put on my coat and we will back track, maybe we will find it. I am skeptical! If it fell off on the train, that sucker was GONE!

He finally convinces me that we will go check at the train station where I parked and if it isn’t there, then we did all we could. I begrudgingly get in the car because all I wanted to do was sit by the fire and have a glass of wine.

We drive into the train station and the head lights hit something. My husband says “Look, it’s something shiny!!” I tell him it is ice. However, upon closer inspection, it is my bracelet, on the ground and run over about a hundred times since I park by the exit.

At least I found my Yurman but I have learned a lesson: Trust your intuition and don’t wear nice jewelry on public transit.

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