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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Some Housekeeping

The last few days I have noticed some really bad housekeeping habits on the train.

I will begin by saying: Don't floss your damn teeth on the train. Especially when you are shoulder to shoulder with me. I don't want to worry about your tartar build up getting flung into my coffee cup! Wait until you are comfortably in front of a mirror in the closest bathroom.

Next: Always have tissues with you. Keep them in your purse, your pocket...where ever you can stash them. Today on the T as I am heading to North Station, I am standing in front a guy sitting and reading a book when all of a sudden he lifts his bare hand to his nose and wipes it once, twice, three time (a lady) back and forth back and forth. When he is done, I can clearly see his hand is full of snot. He looks at his hand and...are you ready for this...wipes it on the seat! Yup! That really happened!! I understand that when you read, you are taken to a new world but you have to remember the world you are actually in and that is in public and on a train and in that world, no one wants your snot rockets on the seat!

What did we learn today?
-Don't fling your tartar build up into a strangers coffee cup.
-Don't wipe your snot on publicly occupied surfaces. You can avoid this by having tissues.

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