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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Housekeeping Tips for the Housekeeping Tips

Remember the other day when I told everyone to have tissues on them at all times to prevent them from wiping their snot rockets on the seats?

Well, apparently I need to elaborate on what to do with the tissue after wiping said snot rocket! Once you have wiped your nose with the tissue, you do not put the used tissue on the seat! You place it back in your pocket, purse, wherever and discard it later. You do not, I repeat, do not place it on the seat beside you!

This morning I was sitting in a three seater and the guy next to me sitting at the window blew his nose and put his tissue on the seat next to his bag in the middle of us. When someone requested I slide in to the middle seat, he removed his bag but left the tissue, as if I was going to scooch in and sit on his used tissue. GROSS!! I looked at the tissue and looked at him. He didn’t get it. I stepped it up a notch. I looked at the tissue and gave him a death stare. He got the point!

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