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Monday, January 13, 2014


Today I drove in because I am heading to a conference and would like to have my car in the city when I return at 10pm on Thursday so I don’t have to hike to North Station from South Station and wait for the 10:40pm train and get home at midnight. Instead I can hightail it out of here and be home by 10:30pm.

Well, the other day on the train I had an itch on my foot and I had my riding boots on and the train was packed so I couldn’t scratch it. I thought that was torture. Well, wanna know what is torture? I will tell you what is torture: Driving into the city in stop and go traffic while having to pee, while watching the guy in front of you pluck his nose hairs in his rear view mirror (True story. He was driving a VW wagon) and listening to One Direction because it is the only song on the radio and you don’t want to hear the radio hosts go on and on about nonsense. That, my friends, is torture!

I haven’t driven in to the city during rush hour in a loooong time and will be avoiding it at all costs in the future. This just made me appreciate my train commuting even though they are always strange…they are always entertaining and more relaxing than stop and go.

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