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Friday, May 11, 2012

Bad Breath and Sweatin' Out the Brew

OK People, you can't go throwing Train Etiquette Tips by the wayside! What the heck happened to train etiquette tips one and two. I will refresh your memory in case you are a culprit of these in the morning-

"Train Etiquette Tip #1- Hygiene

Prior to stepping on the train, make sure your hygiene is in check. No one wants to smell booze sweating out your pores or the peppers and onions you cooked for dinner last night. Take a shower, brush your teeth, do what ever is necessary to remove foul smells from your body.

Train Etiquette Tip #2- Hygiene (Continued)

Take care of your hygiene before you leave for your trip or morning commute. Shaving, clipping your nails or licking the bleeding cut on your knee are not acceptable on the train. I have to breathe in the air in which your shavings disperse into, walk on the floor your nail clippings fall on and the bleeding knee… please, no one wants to look at that. Ask for a tissue. I’m sure someone has one! "
Now that you have been refreshed, please adhere to these rules upon sitting next to me. This morning I had someone sit next to me who failed to brush his teeth and was also sweating out booze from last night. Yes, I know, last night was a big night in Boston. Celtics game and Red Sox game. However, sit by yourself if the nasty beer MUST come out of those pore and for Christ's sake, brush your freaking teeth!
For a full list of Etiquette Tips go to Train Etiquette 101

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