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Friday, May 18, 2012

Shape Ups Chick- Still Shape Ups Chick?

This morning I encountered Shape Ups chick as she was walking down the aisle to get off the train. I was sitting so when I saw her walk by me, I eagerly checked out her shoes. Surely after Shape Ups were all over the news reporting that they had been falsely advertised as a slimming, toning shoe, I figured she would have ditched ‘em since they hold no fashion value what so ever. I’d also have to assume that if someone was wearing them previously, they’d strictly be wearing them with the hope of shedding some pounds and not because they thought they looked cool.

Well, I was VERY disappointed this morning to find that Shape Ups Chick is STILL Shape Ups Chick! She did not ditch them! What is wrong with her? You know you look like an astronaut. Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Shape Ups do NOTHING! You  must know this? Or maybe you don’t because she has been living under a rock! I am 100% floored that she is still sporting her space shoes. Eye Yi Yi! Unbelievable I tell ya…
Photo Courtesy of Sketchers

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