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Monday, May 21, 2012

Zip Your Lips!

This morning I saw a woman play the best train game I have ever seen. This woman is brilliant!

A woman boards the train with her daughter today. The daughter says to the mom "I want to play a game. What should we play?" The mother responds "Let's play Simon Says. You go first."

The little girl is so excited. The mother then says "Simon says 'Zip your lips!" the little girl holds her fingers up to her lips like she is zipping them. Then she has a confused look and unzips her lips "How long?" asks the little girl.

Mom responds "Until we reach North Station. Ready. Set. Go." The little girl rezips her lips and was quiet all the way to North Station.

We get to North Station and the girl unzips her lips. "Now it's your turn. Simon says.......Skip off the train." The mom skipped right off that train. 

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