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Friday, May 4, 2012

But it's an Expensive Bag...

For those of you who remember my post on Various Seat Hogging Tactics, here is a perfect example of- The Bag Lady! To refresh your memory,

  • The Bag Lady

Or bag man for that matter. Either way, this maneuver is for amateur train riders and is an old stand by for tried and true train riders. The subject places their bag on the seat instead of in the over head rack or on the floor by their feet. Subject hopes that people boarding see that obviously the bag is sitting in the seat so they in turn can not sit there. However, I on the other hand, will ask them to move their bags and sit anyways. I will make you move your bag before I stand in the aisle.  We all paid our train ticket and I don’t believe your bag did. (MBTA is looking into ticketing people who have their bags on seats and I honestly hope they do it.)

This morning on the train the conductor is coming through and there are a lot of people standing in the aisle with no seat. The conductor comes to a seat with a girl and an oversized hand bag in it. The conductor “Miss, you will have to move your bag. There are a ton of people in the aisles. Put it on the floor, on your lap, on the over head but it needs to be off that seat so people can sit.”

This girl looks up and says in her best Paris Hilton voice “But Sir, it’s an expensive bag.” The conductor is not amused.

“Then put it in your lap.” He says.

“Then how am I going to read?” she says continuing the Paris Hilton voice.

“If you don’t find a place for that, you will be standing in the aisle holding your bag and not reading and two people will get to sit.”

She grabs her purse in a fit and puts it on her lap. I might add that she was able to still read with her oversized purse in her lap and someone got to sit. I am glad the conductor said something! I have an expensive purse and an expensive back pack. The expensive back pack goes on the floor by my feet. You can’t get emotionally attached to a work bag when you are a train commuter. It’s going to get dirty and/or ruined and for my hand bag, I keep it on my lap and it remains pristine. Get over yourself girl, because everyone has expensive things and we all just deal with the fact that we are in a public space and it could get damaged.

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