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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Salem Witch on the T

I swear Tituba from the Salem Witch Trials was on the T this morning! I hear from about ten feet down on a completely silent T in a thick accent "Who you lookeeen at?" there is silence. She starts again "Who you think you lookeen at?" silence again! "I put a spell on people who look at me like dat!" silence once again. People are uncomfortable but lucky for me, I am standing right next to a guy who looks like he is going to his shift as a security guard so I was all set. The doors open and people start piling out of the train. I wish I got a look at her but it was so crowded and she was sitting so I couldn't see.

Picture from Salem Witch Museum

1 comment:

  1. Security guards can't help you avoid witchcraft and nasty spells.