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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Strict Policy

Last night on my way home, I was asked directions twice in a row at the T stop. After a little over a year, I finally look to outsiders like a real Bostonian! It made my night. A guy next to me started talking to me about how he would go but to send non-Bostonian’s that way, I figured they’d get lost so I told them the most direct route. We continue chit chatting about the joys of public commuting and how he gets in specifically at the same T door I get in because when it stops at North Station, everyone gets off and he has plenty of room to ride out the remainder of his commute (Very strategic and I like it)!

I told him that I get off at North Station and he told me to be careful not to get trampled. He was joking and wasn’t expecting my retort “I have been trampled. Hence why I wear closed toed shoes while commuting. It’s not fun.” He is shocked.

“Wow! That is crazy! I have a strict no run for public transit policy. They get too much joy shutting those doors in your face when we are right there.” He says.

I like his policy. However, I can’t fully agree with it. If you don’t run for the train at North Station and you’re heading for the commuter rail and you miss your train, you are stuck sitting around North Station for another half hour to an hour! Not fun in my book. And yes, I do carry a book with me at all times but reading a book at North Station is not how I want to spend my evening. On the other hand, I  can agree with him on his strict no run for public transit policy because had people decided to walk instead of run, my foot never would have been mangled in the escalator (hence why I wear closed toed shoes now) and I would have never been body slammed into a cement wall. It’s almost a catch 22 to run for transit, you get home faster but you run the risk of injury to do so.

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