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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hoofing it!

This morning was a fun adventure. I get to North Station and hop off the commuter rail and when I go to the T station, it’s being evacuated. The only person in the building was the Metro paper guy and the MBTA police. I even tried to go into the building…what is wrong with me? That’s how much I dreaded hoofing it a half a mile to my office. I went in and tried to go down the escalator before getting kicked out by the MBTA police. Still don’t know what was wrong in the station but dam*, hoofing it sucked. I generally don’t mind walking. In fact, I embrace it when the weather is nice buuut I am feeling like I am on the verge of bronchitis/pneumonia and I really didn’t feel like using my energy before my work day even began. Hopefully the Orange line is back up and running this afternoon because I’m exhausted.
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