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Friday, February 3, 2012

Meet Shape-Ups Chick!

This woman wears Shape Ups on her feet each and every day for her train commute. It drives me mental. First of all, I hate Shape Ups because every time I see someone wearing them, the person is NOT in shape! Also, studies have proven that Shape Ups have no effect on shaping or toning things up. The only thing it is proven for the shoes to do is make you look like you are ready for take off on your next trip to the moon.

I haven’t seen Shape Ups Chick for a while and because it was winter, I was secretly hoping she had invested in boots instead of those hideous Shape Ups she wears on her feet every day. Paired with her shape ups, she generally has on a pant suit from the 90’s complete with shoulder pads. However, now that it’s winter, I have no idea what she is wearing because she has a full length marshmallow coat covering up her ensemble. Today she must have had on a skirt because her chicken legs stuck out of her puffy coat with nylons, ankle socks and … you guessed it… Shape Ups! Oh it just looks so awkward to me. I don’t get it. Not to mention she has a bad perm and her Coach purse, now that it is getting old, is looking more and more like a fake. You can see tell tail signs of fakeness as it is deteriorating. Real Coach purse handles don’t peal or get stringy!

So ladies take note: Shape Ups don’t do sh*t for your body. Going to the gym and eating right does. And don’t forget, it is never in style to wear a fake! That’s it. End of story!

(This picture was drawn back when she was sporting a leather jacket but you can see how ridiculous she looks)
The below picture was taken candidly today.


  1. well, maybe she exchanges those shoes for a more fancy model when arriving at work. it seems many americans do this..

  2. CaT, I have no doubt she exchanges them at work for nicer shoes. I do that every day too. There is no way I can keep my balance standing on the T in heals ;) For some reason I have a deep hatred for Shape Ups and I see this woman all the time so she stands out to me. :)

  3. well... i do agree that many people were such UGLY shoes..!! i really dont get why people wear sporty shoes, while dressed very neat otherwise. even if it is just for the ride to work, arent there neat comfortable shoes in this country?! why do they have to be big, ugly, and white?

  4. I couldn't agree more. There are fashionable comfy shoes. You just have to find them. I have to say that more often than not, in this country, comfort over takes fashion quite a bit and I think that kinda stinks. ;)