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Monday, October 28, 2013

Hello Monday

Oh Monday! How lovely to see you again.

OK, maybe not. Today as I get on the sardine packed T, I briefly glance over to see this rat tail of a thing in my face. I jump because it’s just nasty! Upon closer inspection, it’s a guy’s goatee that is about a foot long and it is secured with a dozen or so hair elastics all the way down. All I can think about is how nasty it is and how it just HAS to be infested with bugs or some sh*t and it is right by my head.

Then, we get to Haymarket and people need to get off. So, I hop off so they can get off as I am in their way. Do you think the Weeble in front of the door moves? NO! She makes a feeble attempt at sucking in her belly so she doesn’t lose her spot on the train. Meanwhile, stick figure me hops off to allow a 6 foot, broad shouldered man off. He was not happy having to get by the Weeble and I believe he “accidentally-on purpose” smacked her in the arm with his work bag. Oopsy!

We pile back on the train and head to State. The doors open up and I hear the wonderful…I mean like nails on a chalk board…sound of this woman playing the recorder! Yup! The recorder! That instrument you had to play in music class to pacify your music teacher that you could in fact apply musical notes to an instrument.

So, there you have it: My Monday morning back to work. Lovely.

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