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Friday, October 11, 2013

Just Sitting with My Box of Tampons- Totally Normal!

Last night I went to Shecky’s girls night out. I try to go every time they are in town. In previous years, the goodie bag was worth its weight in gold. I loved it. As the years went on, I have noticed that the goodie bags have been getting a little lack luster.

I get to Shecky’s and go to pick up my goodie bag (always the first thing to do, as in years past, they ran out even though your entry fee included a goodie bag). After getting my goodie bag I notice that the vendors are vacant. I take this opportunity to get up-close and actually see what the vendors have. I end up leaving with a new purse and a necklace.

While I am perusing, a vendor says to me “What a fun goodie bag. I am not gonna need tampons for like a month.” I brush it off like “Oh, you just told me you were from Maine so yay for tampons you crazy! Who the heck cares about tampons?” I smiled at her and told her I hadn’t checked out my goodie bag. PS, I am f*cked if my “inner voice” ever becomes my “outer voice”.

I leave and walk over to the green line and head toward North Station. Since I have several stops, I decide that I’d go through my goodie bag. Usually it’s hair care, nail care, beauty products so I didn’t see anything wrong with it. Now, this is a somewhat packed train. I was lucky enough to grab a seat but there are several people standing over me.

What’s the first thing I whip out? An entire box of tampons! Do you think I could get it back in the bag? No! When I pulled that box, everything in the bag toppled in so I couldn’t get it back in without it being blatantly obvious while hanging out the top. Now, I am on the T, flailing a box of tampons around like an idiot and everyone is looking at me. Hey, they could even have tweeted about it. Who knows?!

I see there is a book inside. I grab the book, throw the box of tampons in my goodie bag throw the book on top. I notice the cover. It’s the SAME book as I got in my goodie bag last time. NOW, not only am I disappointed with my tampons, I am disappointed in the book too. Bummed! Not only was I bummed out about the first two items I saw, I had to wait until I got home to find out what the rest of my things were.

So, Note to self: Don’t open packages on the train in which you have no idea what could come out of it.

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