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Friday, October 25, 2013

The World Series

For the last two days the World Series has been in town. Oh Joy! While I am excited the Sox have another shot at the title, the tourists that it brings just throws wrenches in my commute.

Wednesday- I got out of work early. I had ample time to make the early train. I hopped on the T which seemed generally roomie when I got on. I was psyched. I totally was taking the early train. Then…we get off at North Station. I don’t even know why these people were in North Station. They were going the wrong way. Fenway is in the other direction. However, they were head to toe in Sox gear sooo, my suspicions of them being World Series spectators is most likely correct.

Anyway, they all get on the escalator and just stand there. They don’t even leave the “left lane” open for me to pass. Then, we get to the top and they all disperse making it impossible to weave. None of them know where they are going. They are blinded by the guy selling T-shirts, the cool train sign, the ticket machines. They are also just looking around, wide eyes and “bushy tailed”. I mean… it’s JUST a T Station people, GET MOVING!

We finally head down the hall way and they kind of move over so I can pass. However, there is oncoming foot traffic so once again, can’t pass. It is now 5:08pm and I have two minutes to catch the train which is usually ok but with these people moving at the pace of snails, it might not work.

I get to the stairs and escalator. I head up the stairs because most people hop on the escalator. Do you think people took the escalator like I predicted? NOPE! They walk 3 wide up the steps and now I have to walk like a snail up the steps. I finally get to the top and try to high tail it out the door and into North Station. NOT happening. These people are confused. Is this the entrance to the Garden or the Station…So, they stop dead and don’t open the doors and now there is a pile up. I finally push my way through the crowd. “It’s BOTH!” I scream at the head to toe dressed Red Sox fan…I felt like saying “It’s both! AND by the way… Sometimes, less is more!” BUUT held that last part in.

They look at me like I am a b*tch and maybe my tone was a little b*tchy but if you’re gonna be in the city, get thicker skin! Maybe if you had thicker skin, you wouldn’t need all that Sox shwag hanging off of you. Just sayin’!

I finally get in to North Station and look at the screen. 5:09 ALL ABOARD! I pick up the pace but it is IMPOSSIBLE to run! They are just all mulling about staring at the ceiling probably looking for the beer garden. I finally get on the platform after I cut through the crowd and as I do, the train pulls away. I am not the only one. There were several pissed off commuters on the platform. In fact, they were still running. Like the train was gonna stop?! Ya right!

So, needless to say, I am glad the tourists are gone and my commute is back to normal. I only pray that the next two games, the Sox win so they only have to come back to Boston for one more game! I wish this because A. Obviously I want the Sox to win and B. I would rather not have to deal with World Series fans saturating the sidewalks, halls and corridors of my commute for longer than it's absolutely necessary.

GO SOX!!!!!

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