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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pleasantly Surprised

Yesterday on my break, I took a walk down to Faneuil Hall. They were setting up for the President’s speech and everything was blocked off and people started to fill in on the steps near Government Center. I thought to myself that if the President’s speech was going to end around the time I was leaving work, then I’d be so screwed getting through a packed in crowd to the train or be stuck with the crowd on the T. Either way, equally screwed.  

I went back to work and decided not to worry about it. I’d figure it out.

Just before I leave, I get an email from MBTA. They say that the Orange line is stopped both ways due to the motorcade. Now I know I have to walk through the Faneuil Hall mess.

I pack up my things and get another email from MBTA stating that the Orange line is back up and running. I decide against taking the train since it has been stopped for 10 minutes and the backup of people waiting for the T has got to be insane. I decide to walk anyway.

As I approach Faneuil Hall, the crowd is dispersed. Everyone seems to be walking in the same direction as I am AND they are walking at a decent pace!! The police kept everyone moving and I actually got to North Station 5 whole minutes before I usually do. I was delightfully surprised!

So, nice job to the polices, Obama speech watchers and the World Series spectators.

AND Also…. GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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