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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New Favorite Conductor at 29....Again

I have a new favorite conductor. This morning, as I get on the train I say good morning to the conductor as I do every morning. It’s helpful to be nice and I do see them every day so it only seems right.

I sit down in my seat and have my ticket ready. When he comes by he asks me my name since I do talk to him every day. I tell him and he says “Wow! That will be easy to remember. That’s my daughter’s name!” He then goes on to tell me that she looks very much like me. Same skin tone, similar hair. He then says “How old are you?”

I have to think about it for a second since I now turn 29 every year. “Thirty-One.” I say to him.

“I was WAY OFF! WAAAAY OFF!! I was going to guess you were younger than my daughter and she is 26.”

Did I mention I have a new favorite conductor?!

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