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Friday, October 4, 2013

I Loathe the RMV!

Oh… the RMV! How I loathe thee! I got married over a year ago. I have been to the RMV nine or so times. You read this correctly. NINE TIMES in that last year to change my name. They made me jump through hoops. They needed a copy of my NEW signature from my bank. Sent me to the bank. Came back, they wanted another document signed and notorized because my vehicle came from New Hampshire and in order not to pay tax, I needed the dealer to OK! it. Came back. Then sent on another wild goose chase for some other cockamamie piece of paper NO ONE HAS! Came back. I wanted to keep my signature because it’s basically a squiggle. That wasn’t good enough. I needed to CHANGE my squiggle.

At this point, I was wondering where the cameras were. Was I on boiling point I mean REALLY!?   I honestly was starting to think that they were just doing this to f*ck with me or have something to talk about during lunch.

The lady takes my picture so that when I came back with my ridiculous paperwork, I could be in and out. In order to take the pictures, she has to store it under my name…which at that time, to them, was my maiden name. I have to sign it and she says to sign my maiden name.

I leave and come back with the documents they want. MEAN WHILE, they haven’t asked for anything the website says to bring. Now that I am back, they want to see all of that. They start plugging things into the system when they realize that my proof of address is not in my NEW name. It’s in my maiden name so that won’t work as proof of address.

I am sent to the bank so they can prove that I live at my house. Since I changed my name there AND my signature, I should be all set. WELL, the bank says that I signed up for e-statements so I have to print them all off myself.  I have a meltdown telling them they have no idea what the RMV is doing to me. They print off my documents and notarize them for good measure.

I go back. They have me read the little eye exam thing, I fail! That’s when I lose it “Are you F*CKING KIDDING ME?!” I scream. Everyone looks at me. She whispers “Just promise me you’ll go get glasses.” I agree and she prints my ID.

My husband, thankfully had been with me throughout most of this. I walk out and he’s like “Let’s see this new ID” He looks at it. IT’S MY MAIDEN NAME!!!!!!!!!

I march back in there and cut the line. The lady reprints my ID.

Months later I get a call. They didn’t register my car properly and until I go and fix the paperwork, the bank that holds the loan on my car could take it away from me.

I leave work and march to the RMV. The RMV looks up the info and tells me that whomever called me was scamming me into signing my car over to them by giving me a false address. (OK! They did their job that day!)
Months later, I apply for a pepper spray permit. I go to the police station and fill out all the paper work and do the finger prints. It should have been processed by the end of September. I call the first day of October to see the progress and am informed that the name I filled my paperwork out with and the name on the registry aren’t matching. The RMV left off the A in my first name! How did I not notice this? Well, because I was focusing on the last name and not the first.

I had to march on in there today and get it squared away. I waited 2 hours just to be seen! FOR THEIR MISTAKE!

I went to the RMV by my office. When I finally got to the counter, I was told that I really should have gone to the RMV where the mistake was made. I plead with her and she finally gives in. She fixes my ID and now I have a snazzy black and white temp again and have to wait for my new plastic one to arrive in the mail.

I am really glad this is squared away and really hope I never ever have to go back there!!!!!

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