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Monday, October 21, 2013

You Want My Choke?

Photo Courtesy of KeepCalmOMatic

So, this morning, I get on the train and sit next to this woman that is just passed out against the window. I sit down and discover that she has this overwhelming smell of Dollar Store air freshener, laundry soap and/or drier sheet. Ya know that awful smell that's supposed to smell like sunshine but doesn't.

Well, since it's a three seater, I don't have to sit next to her right away. However, I am asked politely to slide in and i do.

As we are heading over the bridge to North Station, this over scented woman jerks back into conciousness and with that, karate chops me right in the neck which makes me choke on my coffee.

As my niece would say "You want MYYY Choke?!"

Happy Monday Everyone!

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