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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

To Put it in Your Mouth or Not?

The other day, my train friends and I sat at the end cap where several seats face each other. We continued our conversation and others joined in. One guy in particular who joined in looked like a construction worker with his lunch box and his hard hat and a cigarette tucked behind his ear.

When we pulled in to Anderson-Woburn, he looks around and says “What stop is this?” We answered “Anderson-Woburn”

“Ahh, what line is this?” in a more panicked voice.

“Lowell.” We answer.

He starts collecting his things rather frantically and darts off the train. In doing so, his cigarette falls from his ear and onto the ground. We all look at it. He’s gone so we just let it sit there.

He then flies back in the train says “I dropped my cigarette. I’ll need this.” Probably referring to the fact that he now had to wait for a train to get him at Anderson, bring him to North Station and then catch his proper train.

I pondered it for a second. He was going to put that in his mouth. It sat on the floor of the train…in fact not just the floor, the aisle where everyone’s feet had just trampled all over. Everyone who walked the city sidewalks through puddles, poop, dirt, throw up. You name it, someone walked through it.

So, here is my question: Would you put that in your mouth? If it was a Milk Dud or a Junior Mint or an unlicked lolly pop, would you put those in your mouth?

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