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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Got Bed Bugs?

Today was much more frigid than any other day this winter. It was 7 degrees out this morning and it warmed up to a whopping 23 degrees by the time I had to go home. Since it was so cold today, the T was infiltrated with masses of people. It was equivalent to when it's raining out. This creates what I call a "sardine packed train".

Sardine-Packed-Train (Noun)- A Train packed to the brim with minimal space between passengers.

As I was squished into the train, I found a comfy place in the crook of some guys arm pit (This is normal for commuters and people generally don't mind, as long as they get to where they are going). Thank goodness he follows train etiquette rule #1 (Good Hygiene). Just as I am starting to feel grateful for my little sardine spot, I look up to see this ad:

Really? Talk about making a girls skin crawl! I mean CRAWL!! I started itching immediately even though I knew there wasn't a shot in hell I have them. Talk about poor timing.

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