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Monday, January 23, 2012

Yuppie Crossing!

You have to love people who are just angry about everything. Every morning the T is packed to the brim with professional people and every afternoon, the same. During rush hour, professionals take up 99.9% of the T space. We see each other every day and even though we don't know each other or haven't spoken a word to each other, we look out for each other.

Among all of the professionals was a construction worker who must have been riding in to the city late since most construction crew members start their days much earlier than the nine-to-fivers. This construction guy also must have not had his morning coffee, got up on the wrong side of the bed and maybe felt a little out of place because he was angry! Very angry! And there is nothing wrong with construction workers because quite honestly, they are amazing artists...yes artists. They freeze their butts off in the winter and sweat their you-know-what's off in the summer and yet they create some pretty amazing things despite their discomfort.

The T was like it is every morning "sardine packed". This poor construction guy is standing up holding a post to keep his balance. However, in between North Station and Haymarket there is a bend in the tracks which no doubt, if you aren't holding on to something, you will lose your balance. A guy next to him let a girl hold the post instead of holding it himself and he was trying to maintain balance with out holding on to anything. At that bend, he lost balance and bumped into this construction worker. We are maybe thirty seconds away from Haymarket and the construction worker tells the guy "Get off me you f*ckin' yuppie!" The "yuppie" says "I'm sorry man. I let her hold the post instead of me. Just lost my balance that's all." and the construction worker replies with "I'm gonna kick your yuppie a*s!" and starts to remove his oh-so-cool baby blue denim jacket that matched his oh-so-cool baby blue "dad" jeans.

The T is still cruising right along. A few girls and I try to duck for cover as we can envision an elbow to the face since we are right in the middle of this action. The men on the T try to wedge themselves between the ladies and this psycho. The yuppie probably just crapped his Banana Republic-yuppie-pants (not gonna lie, you could tell he was in sheer panic). Just as the construction guy is about the throw a punch, we stop at Haymarket and the doors open. The girls and I step off the train (I am fully prepared to walk the rest of the way to the office if this nut job didn't get off). As we are standing on the platform, the construction guy grabs his sweet denim jacket and says "You f*ckin' yuppies are all lucky this is my stop!" and departs the train in a hasty fashion. The yuppie that most likely just crapped his Banana Republic pants screams after him "You have a nice day!" with a huge, sarcastic smile. "You yuppies are all the same. Never phased by anything!" the construction guy screams from the platform. He turns around and stalks off stomping his feet.

Yuppies may seem like they are never phased by anything but I can guarantee that they  worry just like the rest of us. They just hide it better. The girls and I hop back on the train and one of them announces "Would anyone else like to assault anyone before this train starts moving?" The whole car chuckles, the doors close and we are back to our morning routine.

PS Who says "Yuppie" any more? Really!

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