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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Underwear from a Vending Machine!

You can buy underwear from a vending machine in South Station! Really! I am not joking. This is great for business people on the go or transients that don't have a way to get to a local Target (Not that Target is the ideal place to purchase underwear but you catch my drift.)The protesters of Occupy must have loved this machine since they were camped out across the street for quite some time with no way of doing laundry.

These underpants are nothing flattering but they get the job done. What I'd like to know is if they are one size fits all? You really have to be desperate if you are willing to purchase underwear from a vending machine. I'm sure we've all been there traveling thinking "Gee, I really could use another pair of underwear!"

This vending machine also dispenses T-Shirts, socks and sunglasses but what really takes the cake is the fact that there is a market for underwear coming from a vending machine in a train station. 

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