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Thursday, January 5, 2012

"Stupid is Forever, Ignorance Can Be Fixed" - Don Wood

This is not an etiquette tip. This is a common sense tip! When riding, boarding, disembarking, or waiting for a train, make sure your mobile phone is secure! This morning on my way in, I was arriving at
State Street
thinking “This morning went off with out a hitch. No crazies on the train. No mishaps.” Then, I hear “
State Street
. Doors open on the Left.” As the crowd started to leave the (vocab word coming up) sardine-packed-train a girl listening to her ear buds (I am convinced she was fake listening though because she would have caught on much sooner had she been listening) got caught on the doors. She continued walking and her ear bud cord kept going. However, her mobile was still attached to the door. The cord finally snapped off the mobile and the mobile went flying. It hit MY knee and bounced on to the floor and bounced again, not into the train but almost. The mobile bounced into the 3 inch gap between the train and the platform. The entire train and the people on the platform go “UUHHHH!” as if they were watching a very dangerous stunt at the circus. This girl continues walking, hence why I believe she was fake listening to her ear buds because had she actually been listening, when her music cut out, she would have known immediately that her phone was detached. After she hears the crowd roar, she turns around in sheer panic “Is that a phone?” frantically checking her pockets “That’s my phone! Oh MY GOD! That’s MY phone!!!” She runs over to the gap to try looking for it. She is now holding up the train. People are blocked on the train and people can’t board the train because she is just sitting there staring at her phone below on the tracks. I wanted to stick around to see how it panned out. However, that mobile bounced off MY knee! I didn’t want to stick around and get any blame. I trotted off to the office and will never know if she got her phone back or not but people… common sense, secure that mobile!

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