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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Muggers in the Subway!

Last night I mentioned I'd figure out the subway today. Well after I wrote about my attempt at taking the subway in NYC yesterday, I got suckered into watching the news because I heard "Storm Watch" and grew concerned as to how I'd get back to Boston. I stayed up and watched the news just so that I could watch and see what this "storm" was all about. One of the stories that came on before the weather was "Muggers in the Subway". Apparently there are guys going from stop to stop mugging unsuspecting subjects. After hearing that lovely piece of information I have decided to be smart. Since I'd be looking at subway maps, it's dark out and I'd be without my pepper spray, I think it would be smart to just cab it until someone can show me the subway. Fortunately, many of my bosses previously lived in NYC so the next time I am here with them, I will ask one of them show me. One of my bosses in particular prefers we take the subway to cut down on expenses for the company so he will be delighted to show me. He has already shown one of the other Boston guys the ropes of the subway for that very reason because it is truly so easy, you just have to learn the ropes first. My other option is if the next time I am in the city and it's day light, I will attempt it on my own. I hate to sound like a chicken but I will play it safe. I lose all my street-smart confidence when my pepper spray isn't residing in my purse. 

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