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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Little Italy

As I wrapped up a fabulous evening with my cousin in the North End of Boston, I found myself at the train station at 10:30pm. I don’t think I have been to the train station that late before. I am usually home by then or have a ride home from the city. As I sat and waited to board the 10:40pm train to Lowell, I did some people watching. In a matter of 10 minutes I saw a prostitute, a tranny bike messenger and many people half in the wrapper. There is one guy standing in front of me swaying back and forth and I can’t make out whether he is moving to the beat of his ipod or just trying to hold his balance. When I walked by him to board my train, he did not have ear buds in so it was confirmed that he was just struggling to stay in the upright position.

I finally board the train and there is hardly anyone on it. However, lucky me, I get stuck next to two girls coming from their Zumba work out. Their Zumba work out was recorded and posted on youtube just in time for them to hop on the train and watch it. “Oh she is so good to us. She posts these right away! Let’s watch it and critique so we can be better for next time.” One says to the other. They whip out an ipad and bring it up. They hit play and leave the music still going. Their commentary through out the video is quite entertaining. “Dude, you like so killed it!” “Girl, you gotta work on that left kick. You’re so cute but work on the left ya know?!” “Girl, I lovvvvvve him! Don’t we just dance great together? Amazing. Too bad he is leaving to go dance in Vegas and he’s super gay but I’m sooo fallin’ for him!” When I got off the train their Zumba dance off was still playing and they were still critiquing.

I am glad I had to sit near them instead of the drunk people trying to keep it together. At least those girls were entertaining me on my ride home from a great night.

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