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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New York, New York

It has been quite the week so far. I am at a conference in New York and am fortunate enough to be within walking distance from The New York Palace where the conference is being held. So, unfortunately for the purpose of my blog, I haven't been able to ride the train.

This evening,I wanted to be adventurous and stray away from the same three blocks that I have resided in for the last three days. I ended my day at the conference and went back to my hotel, changed and decided to take the train to the other side of Manhatan to grab a bite to eat. Well, that didn't pan out! New Yorks Subway system at first, didn't seem as organized as Bostons T. I'll elaborate:

I went into the station closest to my hotel. Lexington. I walked down the stairs and saw revolving doors that looked like they belonged in a prison. In Boston, we have delightful little gates that open on their own so you don't have to touch them. These, you had to touch and I was wearing cream colored gloves. Not happy about this so far.

I look around for a machine or an attendant so that I can pay. To my surprise, there was no way to pay. I saw people sliding cards through a card reader. I waited until no one was around and whipped out my credit card. Surely they must be swiping credit cards. That was the only logical way right? Wrong! Hence why I waited until no one was around. I didn't want to look like an idiot! I turned around and walked back up the stairs to the street. As I'm walking up the stairs a street thug whistles at me and screams (as I am the only one walking up the stairs) 'Mmm Mmm girl. Aren't you a sexy little thing! Mmm Mmm.' I look around to make sure he is talking to me. I have a pimple on my face and am confused. Does he not see my blemish? This guys goes on 'I'm taw-lking to you baby girl! You are so fine!' I smile and continue walking. This is when I realize my pepper spray didnt make it past security at Logan.

As I got about a block away from the shady street thug, I collected my thoughts. I was thinking that Boston would never have a T station that didn't allow you to pay right before you entered. You don't have to have a prepaid pass to get through and then it hit me: THE station I go through to get home every single day did not have a way to pay before you entered. It is strictly prepaid cards only at that gate. Since I buy a monthly pass I never noticed that the T entrance I use every day could be inconvenient for tourists.

As these thoughts went through my head, I decided I was starving and needed to eat. I stumbled upon a pizza shop and got some manacotti and garlic knots to go. I'll figure out the subway tomorrow!

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