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Friday, January 27, 2012

Pick Pockets on the Commuter Rail

In a previous post, I discussed the proper etiquette of being a train commuter. Pertaining to what I have just heard, there is yet another reason why you should not sleep on the train! To refresh your memory, below is Etiquette Tip #7:
Train Etiquette Tip #7- Sleeping

Do not sleep on the train if you are a:
·        Snorer
·        Sleep talker
·        Sleep walker
·        Sleep Snuggler

No one wants to hear you snoring or speaking sweet nothings to no one and by all means, we do not want you snuggling up to us!
Aside from being a snorer, sleep talker, sleep walker and sleep snuggler there is one other problem that is very real and never occurred to me. Someone else! Yes, while you are sleeping someone else has the power. I recently read that a man sat next to a lovely woman who had fallen asleep. This man, opened her purse and stole her wallet. Upon getting to the station, she awoke to find her purse still open and her wallet missing. When she started to balk about it, another passenger who had witnessed this man rummaging through her purse pointed the culprit out. They then went to the conductor and the brave conductor forced the culprit to hand over the wallet and money. People are desperate right now and it is becoming very real that people don't have their own funds. Be careful when you are riding the train. Stay alert and don't fall victim of these jerks that go after the easy score. Had it not been for someone witnessing him in the act, this woman may not have gotten anything back!

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