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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

If Looks Could Kill

So, I just missed my train by 30 seconds! Literally! I was running behind at work due to the fact that I am helping coordinate a conference. There are a lot of moving parts so I have been nonstop all day. I looked at the clock and it was 5:17pm. It takes me 12 minutes to get to the train station on a good day. I quickly threw on my commuter shoes and was out the door. I put my coat, hat and gloves on in the elevator as I went down. Walked a block to the T and boarded no problem. The T arrived in North Station and another girl and I darted up a flight of stairs, neck and neck! We ran along a long hallway and up another flight of stairs! We ran out the door, along the side walk and through the front doors of North Station. We looked at the first schedule board to see what track we were running to. It was blank. We kept running still neck and neck. We came to the second schedule board. Track 6! It was 529! We were 50 feet away! We continue running to the track. Then some IDIOT steps in front of us and blocks us! Can you believe it! Blocked! We try to dodge him and we have no luck what so ever. As we stand behind Idiot-Blocker-Guy the doors to the track close and we see the kabus leaving the station with out us! She looks at me and goes "We should have made that! At least we tried!" and high five's me! Idiot-Blocker-Guy turns around and steps out of our way and says "Oh, do you need to get by?" If looks could kill, this woman went from high-fiving to death stare and I did the same! UGH!! I wanted t scream!!

Train Etiquette Tip #12-

Leave a path for people to get through to the tracks at the train station!!

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