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Monday, February 6, 2012

Asante Sana Squash Ba-Mea

The day after the big game and the train is dreary. We lost. Big time… and it shows. People are still ranting about how mad they still are from last night while waiting on the platform. People look glum and hung over. The train arrives a little early and we all board. There is ample seating this morning due to what I assume would be hung over people who just couldn’t drag their sorry butts to work today. I take a seat in a three seater next to a woman who is already against the window. I put a box of cupcakes in the middle seat that I was bringing to the office because I had some left over from last night and quite frankly, if they are in my house, I will eat them. So, the guys at the office got a little treat. As we go through the stops on the train ride a man sees my cupcakes in the middle seat and I see 3 empty seats he could easily sit in but he proceeds to ask me to slide in. I look at him funny because he could have hopped in a three seater with just one person in it and had much more room but he chooses me to squish in next to. I slide in because I am tired and not in the mood to argue. Yes, the people in the other seats are unkempt and look hung over but that isn’t a reason to make me sit with my cupcakes, purse and work bag on my lap next to you buddy. (PS. Had the train been packed, I wouldn’t have minded sitting like this. It just irritated me that there was ample room for him to sit elsewhere and he chose to make me squished)

He whips out his ipad and reads the Wall Street Journal on it. I whip out a tissue from my purse and blow my nose and start coughing. He starts leaning into the aisle to try to get away from me. I see that my tactic is working. I whip out another tissue and start blowing my nose again and this guy grows more and more uncomfortable. He takes out a disinfectant wipe to clean his ipad screen and then antibac’s his hands. He finally gets situated and comfy and I pull out another tissue.

This goes on the rest of the train ride. When we got to North Station, this guy couldn’t get out of his seat fast enough! Here’s some train etiquette, if there a many open seats, don’t make someone squish in because you don’t want to sit with the passed out hung over person. If you pick the wrong person to sit next to and squish in when it’s unnecessary, they just might mess with you… and I did!

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