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Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Monday

This morning on the train was a hectic one. To begin with, it's the first day back from February vacation for many. This means that the train was packed this morning. From the get go it was full. I sat down and was catching up on emails and forgot to get out my train pass. This is when all those times of being nice to the conductor pay off, he walks right by me and I look up and say "I'm sorry. Let me get my pass." he says back "I know you're good." H*ll ya! He know's I'm good for it. Made my morning that he recognized that I am a regular commuter now!!

We get to North Station and everyone piles out of the train and heads toward the T. Since it was freezing out this morning, everyone had the same idea to hop on the T. The first train came in and only one person got on. This one person was a normal sized person. We all continute to wait and the loud speaker goes on that the Green Line was having issues. So, people from the Green Line side hop on over to wait for the Orange Line which was already packed. I had been the first person to start waiting at the Orange line and felt that I at least should get a spot on the next train. The train pulled in and few people got off. Then, out of no where some guy runs into the train and packs himself in. Another over weight woman flies into the train whipping a poor man with her bag. I realized if I didn't get on then, I wasn't getting on now. I packed my way in and didn't care who was mad at me. They all were there after me and they can wait just like I did. I get on and am the last to make it. The over weight woman's friend is pissed. She yells "Well FINE! I'll see you later then!" to her friend and gives me the look of death. I hate to say it but just because your friend cut off everyone doesn't mean you get to be an a*s with her. Happy Monday! This week shall be interesting with everyone back to work.

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