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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Big City

Well, it is definitely February vacation in Massachusetts this week. The usual professionals riding the train have been replaced with children and casually dressed people. This morning on the platform I saw a couple awaiting the train to Boston. They had duffel bags and were ready to go exploring the city. It's funny because people that don't go to the city every day are excited. This woman with her pink duffel bag and her Dunkin Donut's coffee in hand was practically jumping out of her skin. It was so cute. Her boyfriend was bringing her to the "big city" and she was cherishing it. I forget how great Boston is and take for granted that on any given day I can stroll over to the North End and grab a canolli, meet for fabulous martini's after a long day of work or go shopping at great places on my lunch break. What's funny is that before I was in the city every day, I was just like that lady with the pink duffel bag... excited to get the chance to go to the city. I wish I had that kind of excitement every day because I shouldn't be taking for granted this great city. Although, every time I see a great view from my office, like a breath taking sunset or the community sail boats buzzing about in the Charles, I think to myself "I did this! I am here!" but when I am not looking out the window, I get easily distracted by my "extremely busy-nonstop-never a dull moment" kinda day.

From now on, I need to bring the excitement back to being in the city. I think I am going to make it a point to try something new each week. This week I will start with Haymarket! I have always wanted to go through there and get my fresh produce but I "don't have time" to. I am throwing the excuses out the window and am going to make it happen. So, fellow professionals, don't get caught up in the daily grind.  Make something special happen either big or small each week and don't take for granted the great city we are in.

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