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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Stuck Behind a Gentle Giant

This has never happened to me before in my almost one year of being a train commuter. As I board the T at North Station, I am the second to last one on. The person behind me is rather large and really wants to fit on the train. There is a guy in front of me that is about 6’5” and he is facing me for some reason. This person behind me pushes me in so much that I now have my face buried in this guy’s chest. Thankfully, he is wearing nice cologne. I see him every day so this is obviously awkward. I look up and say “I’m so sorry. There is nothing I can do.” He looks down and goes “No problem. Not your fault.” while giving chubs behind me a mean stare down.

We carry on and stop at Haymarket. No one gets off so we don’t have to move. I was hoping SOMEONE would get off the train so that I could get my face out of this guys chest. I was practically suffocating.

We finally arrive at State and just my luck, minimal people have to get off there which doesn’t help loosen up the crowd. Of course the doors that open on State are the ones that open opposite from where I am. I say “Excuse me.” A few times but no one can see me. I am blocked behind a guy who is 6’5” and he can’t move either!

This guy finally hip chucks someone as he realizes that people from State are starting to board, which means I have no chance at getting off once these people are on. As he hip chucks I scream “Excuse ME!” A path miraculously clears and I am off the T. I almost missed my stop! That has never happened. I mean, I could have gotten off at the next stop but seriously, who wants to do that in the morning?

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