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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Back Pack- Back Pack

Last night was refreshingly pleasant. All the ladies on the train removed their sour puss faces for the night and put on glowing ones. Everyone seemed to be in happy moods. I boarded the T at State and a woman dressed head to toe in red turned to me and said “Let me take my back pack off so you can get on. It’s sticking out like three feet. We can get you on.”

“Wow!” I thought. Getting flowers really does wonders for people’s willingness to let you on a sardine packed T. She took her back pack off and held it in front of her. “Thank you. That is so nice of you.” I said as I squeezed in. She lifts her back pack up and points to a pin. The pin reads “This isn’t just a back pack. It’s my life.”

She says “This pin is so true!” I thought for a second and said “I never really thought about it but yes, it is! We city girls don’t have the trunk, glove box or back seat to throw necessities in. We have back packs” we both laughed and so did a few people around us.

Think about it. You are in the city walking around and most likely relying on public transportation. You need to have on you at all times an umbrella, your good shoes because you are wearing your “commuter shoes”, a spare pair of nylons, a reusable shopping bag (because you always want to be looking out for the environment, or at least looking like you are looking out for the environment), phone charger, a snack (so you aren’t tempted by cupcakes and bad for you items when you are starving), a pen, some paper, your laptop, a book or kindle, a water bottle (in case you start uncontrollably choking from the dry air… I have done it and will never be with out a beverage)… the list goes on! Our back packs really are our life! We aren’t fortunate enough to have a car at our finger tips so we don’t have to lug all that stuff around “incaseshit” happens but it is a small price to pay for being a city girl! J

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