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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sprint to the Train Like a Track Star

Last night I had left work and had a feeling I'd be able to catch the 5:10 train home instead of waiting around for the 5:30pm train. I arrive at North Station and have 3 minutes to get off the T, run up 2 flights of stairs, down a hall way and along the sidewalk, through North Station and to the platform. I know that this is possible because I have done it before. The guy behind me decides that I am not going fast enough so this awesome track star grabs my back pack and pulls me out of his way as if we were neck and neck for a gold medal or something. I, of course stumble and get slammed into the wall as he darts past me.

I am pissed but continue running. If I missed my train now, I'd be bull sh*t. I get to the platform to board the train and the track star is in line waiting to get on board. All that ridiculousness of grabbing my back pack and slamming me into the wall really paid off... he is ONE whole spot a head of me. Nice work track star! Karma does pay off though. It's a little easier for woman to get seats on packed trains. I got a seat and he... well, didn't! HUH!!

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