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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bull Fighting Jack A*s

As I board the T after work yesterday at State, a man that obviously had issues runs at the already sardine-packed train at full speed as if he was heading down a vaulting run way or as if he was a bull charging at a red scarf.

Another man in the doorway braces himself for the impact as he sees this whack job charging towards him. He screams at the bull “I am so sorry I got in YOUR way!” The man with issues wiggles his way into the train and finds a seat and is all smiles.

The guy standing next to me whispers to me “What a Jack A*s. He did the same thing yesterday too. He is on something for sure and one of these days he is going to charge at the wrong person.”

I turn around and whispered “Unbelievable.” As if I was disgusted with this kind of behavior. However, I thought it was rather funny to see someone charging at the train like a bull and then wiggle himself in.

The man with issues got death stares all the way from State to North Station.

Even though I found humor in this, I wasn’t the one getting charged. This shouldn’t even become a train etiquette tip. This is just common sense people- Don’t act like a bull jacked up on steroids to secure yourself a spot on the train because one day you might charge at the wrong person and find yourself on the recieving end of the charging!  

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