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Friday, February 24, 2012

Fat Bastard Strikes Again...

This woman irritates me to no end. As I am waiting for the T to come in to North Station in the first row of people on the platform, I see Miss Fat Bastard waddle up behind me. As the train pulls in, she waddles right by me and waits in front of the door. Usually you step to the side of the door so people can get off the train before you enter, which I was doing. However, Fat Bastard just stood there and made them go around her. After 5 people get off the sardine packed train, Fat Bastard hops on and that's it! One person gets on the train at that door during rush hour! Is she for real? If you are going to be morbidly obese, you should be considerate. Hmm, either 5 people could get on or I could get on? Gee, I wonder what is appropriate? The train pulled away and everyone on the platform was baffled. Did that really just happen? We all were stuck waiting for the next train to come get us. And one more thing, when you are morbidly obese, why on earth would you wear a poncho? Poncho's only triangulate your body and make you look like a blob. It even makes skinny people look like blobs so why would you make yourself look like a big fat weeble?

Pictured below is the train pulling away as we are left on the platform. Boo!

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