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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Move Over

This morning I encountered a newby. As the people boarded at Winchester Center and filter down the aisle, I hear a man state to another "You have to ask them to move in otherwise, they don't move in." I looked up as I heard this and the guy asks me to move in, which I do and become a Mea-Sandwich. However, being sandwiched between two skinny people today, I didn't mind.

So, about this "if you don't ask, we don't move in" business. I have felt bad for many people who board the packed train and I have slid in automatically to make room for them in my early days of commuting and the people blew right by me like I smelled or was crazy. Then, once everyone had blown by me and the train starts moving I just look like I am just trying to get up close and personal with the other person in the three seater. So yes, I tried to be nice and move in without being asked but it didn't work. Now I wait for someone to ask me to be sure I need to actually scooch over.

I tried to be polite but we do it to ourselves, we look at the polite ones like there is something wrong with them but if you show that you're a hardened individual, your seat becomes a hot commodity. I don't get it but being nice makes you look crazy and being hardened makes you normal.

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