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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

This morning I woke up with my valentines outfit ready to go. Black pants, red top, red scarf and red purse. I assumed everyone would be in the valentine’s spirit. When I got to the train station and to the platform, I saw many business men with their usual navy, grey or black on. The women on the other hand were just like me, red, red, red! Red hats, red hair ties, red jackets, red purses…you name it, a girl had it on in red. It kind of got me laughing to myself a little bit. We ladies have such big expectations out of this day and the men, not so much. I know these guys have red ties. They are men with power. I have seen them wear them. So, why aren’t they wearing them today?

It got me thinking. “Why do we place so much on one day? Why can’t the love be spread out among all the days of the year. Do I look like a hopeless idiot with all my red on?” The string of thoughts kept going. “I don’t even like roses. In fact I hate them. The color red doesn’t even look that fabulous on me. A purse yes but a shirt, maybe not….” I finally get on the train. More and more women are in their red. Good. I’m not alone.

I guess what it comes down to is that if your man knows you well enough, he won’t get you roses. He’ll get you a bouquet of your favorite bloom or a bouquet of balloons. Or he will make the grand gesture of giving up his Bruins tickets to take you to dinner. (This is big for us Bostonians and yes, there is a game tonight!).

Since it is early in the morning, I am hoping as the day goes on the valentines spirit grows. I can’t wait to see the train ride home. I am hoping that people are in the spirit more than what they were this morning carrying home their valentine roses, bouquets, cheesy stuffed animals and chocolates. I am praying no one gets a balloon bouquet and if they get one, they leave it at the office. No one wants to be stuck on a train with a face full of balloons. Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!  I hope you enjoy your day!!

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