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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pepper Spray to the Rescue!

Today is the first day ever that I actually felt threatened in the T. Every other day seems pretty lah-tee-dah because I am with a whole bunch of people like a heard of sheep. However, today I had to return my DVD to the Redbox machine. In North Station, the Redbox machine is on the back side of the normal flow of traffic. Once you are on that side, you are out of site from everyone, including the MBTA police officer. When I cut behind to go to the machine there was a thug standing at the Nivea machine (yes, a machine designated just to lip balm). I immediately thought that it was odd that a street thug would be purchasing lip gloss from a machine. I opened my purse to grab the DVD and he get’s up really close to me, as in, he is in my personal bubble. He reaches out toward my purse. I see him out of the corner of my eye. I was watching him carefully because of the strange lip-gloss-street-thug situation. Instead of grabbing the DVD, I grab my pepper spray which is always at the top of my purse.

He sees the pepper spray in my hand as I am moving the safety lock with my thumb. He back’s away slowly. I grab the DVD with my other hand maintaining my grip on the spray. After he slowly backed away, he rounded the corner blending in with the heard. It was a close call. I honestly think that had I not had the pepper spray right there, my purse and my world, would have been gone! He was goin’ in for the grab and was strategically waiting on the back side of traffic where no one would see until it was too late.

This was at 8am! Crimes can happen at any time so always be ready to defend, even if it is just grabbing a tiny little spray at the top of your purse.  

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