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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Don't Do Your Make-Up on the Commuter Rail!

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies!! This isn't as bad as shaving on the train. However, don't do your make up on the train. Not that I mind it's just that when the train slams on the breaks for the next stop, you better not be putting lipstick or mascara on unless you want red smeared all over your face or a mini wire brush stuck in your eye. I never thought anything of women putting their make up on on the train. A little cover up and powder is fine. However, when it comes to colors and brushes, you're better safe than sorry.

This morning a woman sitting near me was putting her make up on. She powdered her nose no problem then reached for the lipstick. This lipstick wasn't just a natural, neutral color it was bright pink! The train stopped to pick up people from the next train station and the woman lost her balance and smeared, hot pink lipstick all over her face. She looked like that lady on the Little Caesars commercial where a boy takes a slice of pizza on the flight with him, the cheese gets caught on the ground somehow, the old lady is putting on her lipstick and snap, the plane is pulled back to earth because of the cheese and the lady applying lipstick has it all over her face.

The woman on the train sat for the remainder of the train ride trying to hide her face and dab the hot pink off of it. So, note to self ladies, don't apply colorful make up on the train. Wait until you have arrived safely at the station.

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