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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Gentle Giant Flirts on the Platform

This morning as I wait for the Orange line to pick me up, I am standing once again behind the Gentle Giant on the platform. (I am starting to understand the meaning of the movie Ground Hog Day) A girl comes up behind him and grabs his back pack and pretends to throw him on to the tracks. He flips around and says “What’s up?” and laughed. She looks at him doing his Metro Sudoku puzzle and says “Those are so hard. I hate doing those.” He says “Nah, the one’s in the Metro are easy. Too easy sometimes but I like doing them.” And she says “Well, I think the only ones I tried were the really hard ones so I kinda gave up.” He replies “You’re really gonna hate me then. I entered you into a Sudoku competition with me.”

The two of them giggled and laughed on the platform. The train came into the station and as we boarded the train she grabbed his coat to secure a spot next to him. They flirted the whole train ride and he even gave her his Metro and she tried her hand at Sudoku. So cute!

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