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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring is in the Air and so is Flirting!

Spring is in the air and people are flirting! Ok Ok…  it’s just the ladies flirting on the trains these last couple of days. However, ladies listen up! You are never going to get a man if you act so darn desperate!!

Example one: Yesterday as I am getting off the commuter rail I over hear a woman behind me saying “It was great chatting with you on the ride in. We should grab lunch sometime.” I thought to myself, this lady is great. Straight forward and says what she wants. The guy replies “That would be great.” He should have replied with some question regarding how he could get in contact with her but he didn’t so she offers up her contact info. “Get your phone. I’ll give you my number.” She starts rattling off her number and then says “Well, if I’m at work, I don’t always get to that phone so I’ll give you my desk line too.” Rattles that number off too and then says “Although, I’m not always at my desk so I’ll give you my work mobile number too.” Rattles that one off as well. Within a minute she gave this guy three ways to get in touch with her! Come on. Ya gotta play a little hard to get otherwise he isn’t calling any of those phone lines.

Example two: A girl sits down next to a guy on the train. The guy strikes up a conversation with the girl and leads it with “I get my license back soon and I won’t have to ride the train in anymore!” As if he is embarrassed to be riding the train. She says that the train isn’t as bad as he thinks and then he says that he is always so bored on the train. She responds with “Let's trade numbers. You can text me if you need a ride into the city and we can ride in together.” WHAT? REALLY? This guys opening line tells you that he is a loser with no license and you ask for his number so you can cart his dumb a*s into the city?

Ladies, raise those standards! This is why we constantly get walked all over. Have you ever read the book He's Just Not That Into You (PS read the book. Way better than the movie)? This is exactly that. If a guy is interested, he will track you down. He will find you! Yes, suggest doing lunch sometime but do not by any means give him three different numbers! Yes, you may think this guy is cute but he opens with the fact that he doesn’t have a license and you respond by offering rides to him. No, No! You have to let him do something for you. Let him work for it. It’s the thrill of the hunt girls! Dress all cute and be all springy but don’t put yourself out there with all that desperation!

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