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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cardless Entry- A Free Ride on MBTA

So, last night for the third consecutive business day in a row, my card was rejected on my way  home. It said "Card Already Used. See Agent" Well, I have a monthly pass which means I have unlimited rides on the commuter rail and T throughout the month. I looked around for an "Agent" and there was  no one. Aggravated because there aren't agents at this entry and I'd have to walk another three or so blocks to an entry that had agents, I waited until someone else went through the gate and walked in behind them.

When I got to North Station, I saw agents! I walked up to them and said "My card in the evenings, doesn't allow me to go through the gate. In the morning it does, but not at night." One agent says "Well, your card allows you to go through once every twenty minutes." I replied that I went through at 8am and now it's 5pm. It's been longer than twenty minutes. The agent told me to see an agent and they will let me through as long as I show them my card. I asked how we could fix this  problem because every evening I go through a spot with no agents. Another agent stepped in and said "That's when you ride on someones coat tails through the gate. Just wave your card up toward the direction of the camera."

Really? Did an MBTA Agent just tell me to go through on someones coat tails? No wonder MBTA is in debt up to their eye balls. What if I didn't have a monthly pass and I had a pass that removes money off my card with each swipe, I could wave it at the camera but they aren't getting money off that card. Really? MBTA is giving out free rides when they are in debt beyond belief? Unreal.

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  1. I have the same problem -- monthly pass, but about once every week or so it just doesn't work and I get the "see agent" message. If I try again, it says "pass already used." I actually keep another Charlie Card with money loaded on it to use on those occasions, because there's often not an agent to be found.