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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Steal Toed Shoes For Flip Flop Season

Spring is upon us and so is flip flop season. However, I will not be sporting fashionable flip flops during my train commuting. I will be wearing fashionable rubber toed or close toed kicks and here’s why:

Last year was my first year as a train commuter. Once flip flop season arrived, I’d kick off my stiletto’s and throw my flip flops on for the commute home. A few days into wearing flip flops I was pulling into North Station on the T very close to the departure of a few commuter rail trains. The T stopped and opened the doors and it was like running of the bulls. People charged out of the T and to the escalator. When I got on the escalator I realized I wasn’t able to sprint in flip flops so I walked up the right side. The slow people or people not climbing up the escalator generally stay to the right while the sprinters are on the left. Well, one guy decided that the left side wasn’t moving fast enough so he decided to go around on the right side. The only problem was that I was on the right side in his way. He grabbed my back pack and pulled me back. I lost my balance because at that time I was also trying to take a step up. My footing was off and as I tried to catch my balance, my foot got caught in the escalator mangling my freshly pedicured toes.  

My toes hurt so badly that I limped to my train. No idiot was going to make me miss it. I got to the platform at exactly 5:10 which is exactly when the train is set to leave. Luckily, the conductor liked me and saw me limping down the platform. He held the train while I made my way. So, basically if I limped to my train and made it by the skin of my teeth, this guy had no reason to be shoving! That night I went out in search of steal toed shoes! My fiancĂ© told me that I was over reacting so we settled on cute rubber toed shoes instead. I will never wear flip flops during the trains’ rush hour again. I may wear flip flops on the weekend or during the day when no one is around to push me but never during rush hour because it took nearly all spring and summer for my toes and nails to fully recover.

So that being said, ladies- I see your flip flops and how adorable they are. However, I worry for your feet and I hope you little tootsies never experience what mine did.

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