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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hot Mess!

Every night as I head into the train station,  I check the board to see what track I need to head to. Once The board displays my track number, I head the the track but before I enter onto the platform, I make sure that the screen says Lowell. Then, usually I recognize the conductor and he's usually screaming "Express train to Lowell". Once I have passed all those things, it is safe to say that's the train I need to be on. I hop on board and find a seat, grab my book and am good to go.

Once we depart North Station the loud speaker says "This is the train to Haverhill making the following station stops..." The entire train car is in a panic! We are all expecting to be heading to Lowel! What the??? There is no conducter in our train car so we sit in panic mode until a conductor enters and screams "This IS the train to Lowell. You can stop panicing!" Thank goodness we were all on the right train. I have gotten on the wrong train before and it is not fun. However, when I was on the wrong train, I got off at the first stop after I realized I wasn't heading in the right direction, walked into the first bar I saw and waited for my ride to come get me. What do you do when you get on the wrong train? Order yourself a martini that's called "A Hot Mess"... which was rather delish by the way!

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