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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cash is King

In a debit and credit society that we now live in, we often find ourselves carrying no cash at all. However, when in that one situation where debit or credit is not accepted, you find yourself in quite a jam. Please take note people that yes it is convenient to purchase your train ticket after you board the train. Especially when you are making a mad dash for it like I typically do. However, when you are on the train, it takes off and you’re ready to purchase said ticket with a debit or credit card, you are screwed. Train conductors only accept cash! During rush hour, the price of the ticket is raised by $2 for a “convenience fee” for purchasing it on board. If you purchase your ticket at the ticket counter prior to boarding the train you A. get to use your debit or credit card and B. you don’t have to pay that $2 convenience fee even during rush hour.

The other day on the train the conductor announced “This is the 530pm train to Lowell making stops at…… please note that all tickets bought on board will have a $2 surcharge….”

The girl in front of me started to panic as the train is pulling away from the terminal. She only had exactly the cash that would get her from point A. to point B. She didn’t have this extra $2. She pulled out her credit card to fix the problem only to find out that she couldn’t use her card on board. The person next to her happened to be her mom and threw two bucks her way. The girl turned to her mom and said "I would have been screwed if you weren't here. She would have kicked me off at the stop my money could take me to." the mother trying to teach her daughter something said "She shouldn't have had to kick you off at the point your money could take you to. What if that stop didn't have a ticket counter open or an ATM. If I wasn't here, I hope you would ask 'What is the next stop that has an open ticket counter? Or What is the next stop with an ATM?' If you go as far as your money will take you, you could be dropped in the middle of no where with no money and no way to get out of there!" Now there's a smart mom!!

Don't rely on those debit or credit cards while traveling. You never know what situation will arise when you can only use cash. I always make sure I have a $20 stashed away for situations like this. I have found that $20 can usually get me out of a bind or at least buy me time before I have to go to an ATM.

While debit and credit are always convenient sometimes cash is king and there is no way around it!

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