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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What's Your Number?

I have recently seen What's Your Number with Anna Faris! Oh my goodness, if you are a girl about Boston, you  need to see this movie!! If you haven't already seen it, snag yourself a copy at Redbox . In one of the very beginning scenes, Anna is on the T desperately trying to get to work. I recognize that it's the Orange line, the line I ride every day! When they show her popping out of the subway, she emerges from the State Street entry way which is the entry way that I come out of on my way to work and go in on my way home. I knew, I was in for a great movie since I could relate to so many of the landmarks! Aside from the landmarks, this movie is hysterical! So, run to Redbox (No excuses, there is one in North Station and South Station my fellow commuter railers) and watch it because I absolutely loved it!!

What's Your Number Trailer

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